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Feel free to use any of these images. They aren't mine anyway. ^_^ I obtained these from various sites around the net.

-A handsome picture of Folken.

-A picture from Hitomi's point of view.

-Fifteen year old Folken fighting a dragon.

-Folken by candlelight.

-Folken and Hitomi talking.

-Folken flying up to kill Dornkirk.

-Folken with Naria and Eriya after his death.

-Folken explaining to Van what happened to him ten years before.

-Folken asking Van to join him in Zaibach.

-Folken's eyes.

-Fifteen year old Folken. He looks so innocent. ^_^

-Folken with some of the Zaibach empire.

-Folken talking to someone.

-Folken looking up.

-Folken looking up at the dragon Van was fighting.

-Folken with white wings.

-Folken with his eyes closed.

-Young Van pulling on young Folken's arm.

-Folken reaching out his right arm.

-A close-up of Folken.

-Folken shedding a tear.

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